services The union construction environment offers the Six Key Essentials to a successful and satisfying career in construction:


Developped skills and proper training are the foundations of any successful career in the construction trades. Stemming from the strong union tradition of apprenticeship and an engraved culture of skills upgrading training, Ontario’s unionized construction industry invests millions of dollars each year into the skills and safety training of its workforce.


Both organized labour and management work together to provide proper safety training for all workers and to constantly ensure the best safety procedures are being adhered to. Construction worksites are always changing as are the makeup of those tradespersons working onsite at any given time. Being well trained and highly skilled further ensures the safest possible work environment for all.


Unionized construction trades have exceptional health benefit packages and generous pension programs allowing all their workers to enjoy the security of knowing both they and their families will be looked after today and in the future. Having top level skills further provides the security of knowing your skills are transportable. Skilled craft-people are able to go where the best jobs are.


Skilled unionized craft-people are highly respected by both their peers and their employers. The unionized construction trades are highly regarded for the quality of their training, the work they do, and the quality of life they afford their members.


Organized construction trades provide the very top level training programs, often within their own facilities. Members of the unionized trades are also offered ongoing opportunities for skill upgrading enabling them to be able to practice the latest and best in construction techniques.


Belonging to an unionized construction trade ensures you will be treated fairly and properly on the job site. You will be part of a proud team whose members support each other and actively promote your trade. Your rights will be respected and you will have a strong support network covering your collective and individual work needs, health need, community needs, etc.

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