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A Union is an organization of employees, who share concerns about their rights, benefits and working conditions. A Union's basic purpose is to protect its member's economic security through collective bargaining with employers. The rights of individual employees are limited in the absence of a union.

Becoming a member of a Union provides employees with a legally enforceable contract. All collective agreements contain grievance procedures to handle disputes and ensure all members are treated fair.

The Union construction environment offers the Six Keys Essentials to a successful and satisfying career in construction. Read and learn more on our services and how an Union can have a positive effect on your work environment.

Make your job better by making it an Union!

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April, 2011
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About Us

On April 1st, 1964, the Charter of Wood Wire & Metal Lathers International Union (Local 423) has for the first time seen the light of day. This Charter was signed by: Levis Bissonnette, William Deneault, J.N.N Guilbeault, Clovis Desjardins, Paul Lefebvre, Joseph N. Martin.

It is not until 1971 that the Wood Wire & Metal Lathers International Union (Local 423) merged with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (Local 2041). We always ensured you a quality work environment and since our merging, we have become bigger, stronger and more united.

Here at Local2041, we want to make your job better one and make it Union. There is a panoply of reason why you need a union where you work.

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  • Skills: Developped skills and porper training
  • Safety: Provide proper safety training for all workers
  • Security: Health benefit packages and generous pension programs
  • Stature: Highly respected by both their peers and their employers
  • Salary: Afforded ongoing opportunities for skill upgrading
  • Support: be treated fairly and properly on the job site

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