About Us

about-img On April 1st, 1964, the Charter of Wood Wire & Metal Lathers International Union (Local 423) has for the first time seen the light of day. This Charter was signed by: Levis Bissonnette, William Deneault, J.N.N Guilbeault, Clovis Desjardins, Paul Lefebvre, Joseph N. Martin. It is not until 1971 that the Wood Wire & Metal Lathers International Union (Local 423) merged with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (Local 2041). We always ensured you a quality work environment and since our merging, we have become bigger, stronger and more united. Here at Local 2041, our interests are in acoustic & drywall & interior systems. We are constantly trying to make your job better and persuading employers that the idea of an Union is to everyone’s advantage. There is a panoply of reason why you need a union where you work. Firstly, stability and security is at the basis of an Union, so this is what we strive for. The reassuring stability of health and benefits offered by an Union keeps you sleeping on your both ears at night. Enjoy the present while the retirement security makes sure everything is secure as for your future. Fighting to give you the best jobs is our common goal. Having an effective Union ultimately means that the safety hazards are reduced. Getting in touch with the new techniques and learn more by getting better training and advancements opportunities. Another great element in a Union management environment; you get to have respect and a partnership at work. In any good Union, fairness and ethical values are part of its philosophy and that is why the same set of rules applies to everyone. Thanks to the Union, you help workers building a stronger community. And if that wasn’t enough, you can make more money when working for an Union.

Top 10 reasons why you need a Union

  • Stability and Security
  • Health and Benefits
  • Retirement security
  • Best jobs
  • Safety hazard are reduced
  • Better training and Advancement opportunities
  • Respect and a Partnership at work
  • The same set of rules applies to everyone
  • Help build a stronger community
  • And make a lot more money

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